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The deep competence of DC Distribution in this category is used to fulfil two different targets: professionals and students.

Even in this case, the great ability in research and design, array selection form an advantage for DC Distribution. Over 3000 stationery items, among the own brand products PRYMA® and the best Italian and foreign brands that made the history of stationery, compose the vast array.

PRYMA® is a point of reference for stationery, writing materials and office items.

Wholesale Stationery and Office Products – Pryma®

 The brands that made the history of writing materials

Staedtler® pencils accompanied billion of Italian students in technical or artistic design. Bic® and Pelikan® are landmarks in the history of ballpoint and fountain pens for writing. Fabriano® is the point of reference for the Italian paper production.

Is there a child who did not use the glue Pritt®, the highlighters Fila®, the crayons Giotto®, the erasable pen Replay® or the exercise books Pigna® with its fantastic series Monocromo®?

These brands, with Uhu®, Paper Mate®, Fellowes®, Comix® e Pattex® are a selection of the main brands that compose the prestigious DC Distribution wholesale stationery array.

Pryma®, DC Distribution brand, comes up beside the previously mentioned brands and constitutes a valuable alternative to famous brands for people who want to spend a little bit less without giving up to quality.

 Quality and safety

All Pryma® products are rigorously designed and produced for DC Distribution. They are accompanied by CE conformity certificates, ROHS, Material Safety Data Sheet, EMC so realized in utter accordance with Italian and EU branch regulations.

Quality of Pryma® writing materials is the result of DC Distribution daily engagement, intending to ensure its users the highest convenience in the utter safety.

 Very extended range

DC Distribution is close to young and old students in the everyday study and diversion with the most innovative and safe materials and refined brands to write, decorate, draw, cut, glue, paint, highlight, watercolour, erase, encase.

DC Distribution helps also the most demanding professionals in their office activity, offering everything useful to manage the documents archives and the management of archives for documents and the drawing up and the production of texts.

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