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Would you like to open a stationery shop? Discover how to choose the array

Following the latest commercial trends, talking about a stationery shop we refer to a store where to find a variety of items, with a vast array including items for adults and children.

In stationery shops, it is not impossible today to find household items, office equipment and party items too.

The new idea of this commercial activity is conceived for a wide target of customers, with high profit possibilities. In order to fulfil all needs, the choice of the right array is necessary.

What to keep in mind to open a stationery shop

Before starting a stationery shop, it is recommended to carefully consider some premises, in order to obtain essential information.

The first point to consider is a deep analysis of the assets for the economical investment. This amount of money must take into account the goods to sell, and the space designated for this purpose. A decision to make is between the purchase and the lease. The purchase of one (or more) space to use as the location for a commercial activity represents an investment that you must accurately examine.

A second aspect to consider is the location of the future shop: it would be better to choose an area closed to the traffic with car parks, where many pedestrians pass, to have a wide and varied amount of customers equipped with cars. Interesting locations are the ones placed in proximity of schools, public offices and banks.

It is then necessary to get information about bureaucracy, addressing to the Chamber of Commerce and Business Register, in order to get a VAT registration number. It is usually helpful the competence of an accountant to manage the paperwork and the enterprise’s accounting.

The choice of the right array of a stationery shop

The array of items put on sale represents the fundamental aspect to the success. The stationery shop is usually divided into two big worlds: “school” and “office”. Depending on your location, you can decide whether to give more space to the first, to the second or to grant the same space to both.

A wide variety of items competitively priced, at the beginning of the activity, will be indispensable.

It would be useful, therefore, the launch of advertising campaigns, accompanied with discounts, to promote the activity: it is important to propose discounts only on some sectors of goods, in order not to downgrade all the merchandise. You have to select some brands that can mainly draw customers’ attention and offer them at lower prices comparing to similar shops.

The merchandise must be carefully organised: the first sight, for a potential buyer, is essential. For this reason, in the first period it could be a good idea to turn to an expert of the field for the best organisation of the merchandising.

The brand Pryma

The brand Pryma proposes many typologies of products, among them items for the school and the office, for students and professionals. Notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, paperweight, ring binders, stamps and paper clips: they are all items necessary in a stationery shop. Pryma products combine quality and savings!