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University exams: the objects your desk must have

The demanding summer examination session, that causes anxiety to university students, has begun! Books to study, notes to revise, schemes and recapitulations: students must work at peak productivity to succeed the written and oral exams to reach the degree goal!

How to organize themselves? A perfectly tidy desk is important in order not to waste time and to have the right atmosphere to concentrate.

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of objects should be always present on your desk? Here you have a few advices!

University students: the objects they must have on their desks!

Diligence and courage are necessary to face the just started summer examination session with its rounds! Many tests must be passed and, before studying, a little time should be spent on what the desk should not miss, in order to simplify the work and to avoid stopping to look for something essential.

A pen holder to place in a corner of the table is obviously a good choice. Pryma, a brand that proposes useful and cheap stationery items, offers a wide range of articles of different typologies to satisfy everyone.

The pen holder must contain pens, pencils, colours and highlighters. You need them to fix, resume or underline the most important concepts on your textbook. If you use to write summaries with the pen, you have to have an exercise book or a notebook.

You could choose to buy Pryma colourful and fanciful containers, to order notes and annotations helped by ring document holders.

From tablet support to coloured labels

If you use a PC or a tablet and you are looking for the perfect organization, there must be on your desk plastic or metal supports, to sustain them and to allow you to study in the correct position, without occupying too much space.

Tablet and PC supports make it possible not to suffer from backache or sight diseases and they improve your comfort. Moreover, you could need bookmarkers, coloured labels, to quick open the book in the part of a text you are interested in, sticky papers to personalise schemes.

Pryma offers you everything you need: a variety of products in different shapes and dimensions, with eccentric patterns or classical colours, useful to help you to keep your desk tidy, with a stylish touch for your room!