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Tic Tac, Tic Tac: Clocks for the house. How to choose them?

The choice of a wall clock is not as simple as it seems. It is necessary to consider the style and furniture of the room in which it will be placed. The aesthetic impact is very important!

Do you have to buy a clock and you do not know how to choose it? Have a read to our piece of advice, it will help you!

A clock for every place

If you have to add a clock to your kitchen which furniture is rather traditional, we suggest you to choose a neutral clock wall, with a steel frame and a transparent glass or Plexiglas protection. It can be more or less voluminous, depending on space and disposition.

In a modern kitchen, the colour of the frame can be chosen according to the furnishings or in strong contrast with it, depending on personal tastes. The youngest and more creative people can choose more extravagant models. DC Casa, leader enterprise in the wholesale household items, proposes many different typologies: classic or in the van, available in an infinite range.

If you visit a shop that chooses DC Casa for interior gift and fancy goods, you will have an embarrassingly wide choice!

Furnishing with wall clocks

DC Casa wall clocks give the rhythm to your fantasy! You can furnish your kitchen with a clock with fruit, animal, flower and…heart images on the background.

Do you like traveling? What about buying a clock with beautiful landscapes or photos of the most important cities of the world on the clock-face?

It you are instead keen on fashion, you could choose wall clocks with women accessories, with a fresh and exuberant style!

Wall clocks with coloured numbers are perfect for modern atmospheres, furnished with a young style. They grab attention with lively shades and they never pass unnoticed.

For the bedroom, it is better to opt for classic alarm clocks, maybe characterized by an unusual shape, like an apple or a square. Kid bedrooms can be also livened up by Arabic numerals beautiful clocks, that can be read also by children!

Wall clocks add colour and personality to the house and they are often bought. DC Casa, distributed by DC Distribution is the reference brand for people who are looking for ornamental, original and unexpected wall clocks!

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