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The pictorial techniques you have to know you if love painting

Do you love painting, without knowing where to begin? Have you heard about oil, tempera, acrylic and watercolour paintings, but you do not know the real differences among these typologies?

Please, put away for a while papers, paint brushes and colours: we want to give you some explanation about the main pictorial techniques and the way to put them into practice!

How to paint using tempera and oil colours

Tempera is the most ancient pictorial technique and it involves the usage of water to dissolve colours linked with latex, glues, gums or egg-based emulsions.

With tempera painting you will be able to paint both on wood and canvas, that must be prepared with coats of gypsum and glue carefully dried and polished. In order not to waste time preparing the canvas, you can buy in the stationery canvasses in various dimensions and shapes ready to use.

Which colours to take? Pryma, high quality brand, offers you a wide range of tempera colours and paint brushes with natural or synthetic bristles and it allows you to create your masterpieces, without spending a fortune!

Tempera can be used also on paper, but the paper has to be rather thick. Pryma proposes it in different sizes: you can choose the most suitable one for the works you want to realize!

Oil painting is slightly more complicated than tempera painting and it requires oil colours and linseed or poppy oil to dilute colour making it more fluid.

Oil painting allows you to use a wider range of colours compared to the tempera technique. Canvasses are the ideal support, but also special cardboards can be used. Do not forget to melt colours on a palette and to use ox or marten-hair brushes that permit to easily spread the colour.

Painting with acrylics and water colours

Acrylic colours, following a chronological order, are the latest proposed over the centuries. A water-based emulsion of an acrylic resin links pigments: they quickly dry in the air and they can be used on any support.

You can easily mix the colours on a palette or on a plastic dish, and remember to slightly wet the brush in order to melt them better. You should also remember that acrylics become darker when dried.

If you love soft colours and quick painting, you can choose watercolours. It is the favourite painting for the lovers of life drawing landscapes and animals.

It does not allow to correct, so it is suitable for people who have a certain familiarity with brushes.

If you want to try this pictorial technique, you have just to buy a set of twelve little tubes of watercolours, a round paintbrush and a drawing album: choose Pryma products to free your creativity, keeping an eye on quality and savings too!