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The ideal hairstyles to show off in the summer nights

It is well known that in the summer we often improvise hairstyles and knots far from being impeccable, because of the heat and the searching for comfort.

But you can choose summer hairstyles that highlight your beauty remaining handy, fresh and elegant, without a great effort.

Here are some advices to show off trendy and original hairstyles that will make everyone so jealous!

Plaits, knots and chignons: summer 2018 style

Three important revivals for the summer 2018, revisited to create a messy effect: plaits, knots and chignons. Plait is making a splash: easy to make, it is suitable both for long and short hair. The advice is to  indulge in a game of knots, to block the whole twine with a small and colourful rubber bands by Melissa brand.

If you have long hair, you could opt for a top chignon, which is a very chic solution. In this case too, you can embellish your chignon with Melissa hair clips. Summer 2018 is also the time for central buns, to secure with a colourful flowered hair clip, or with a glittering camellia.

And what about the low ponytail? Giving volume to the hair is really important in this case, backcombing the part near the rubber band and rolling up the lengths, to give that messy touch (ruffled and informal) that is the current trend.

Strips and colourful hair clips: choose Melissa

Half hairdos will be always fashionable because this hairstyle is suitable for everyone, and for any kind of hair, curly or straight, it is handy, easy to make and fresh.

The only limit of the half hairdo: it cannot be realized on short hair, but only on medium or long hair.

The leitmotif of this hairstyle is the front part of the mane that must be “gathered” on a side and on the back, while other hair must go down freely on the shoulders.

An evergreen is the famous ponytail, used a lot especially when there is a good weather. Summer 2018 trend proposes a wavy ponytail, possibly low and secured with original hair clips or patterned strips.

If you are looking for original ideas for simple, quick and trendy summer hairstyles choose Melissa hair clips, stripes, headbands to decorate your look, being cool and trendy!