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Some ideas for a tidy kitchen

The throbbing heart of a house is the kitchen, a kind of parallel universe. This is the place where we prepare and eat our meals, with our family. In this intimate room, we release our creativity preparing succulent dishes for lunches and dinners.

What about the waste of time, the irritability, the confusion a not well organized kitchen can arouse? How many times we have stopped people from entering our kitchen because we felt ashamed for tools and foods put untidily around?

If you want to solve this problem and to have a perfectly tidy kitchen, you can follow a few little advices we have set aside for you!

Organization in the kitchen is important: here is how to keep it

Not giving the right value to the organization of the kitchen should be a mistake: how many times have you put a pack of salt in an uncomfortable place and spilled it in a hurry?

How often did you make everything dirty because after preparing a cake you could not find a cloth to clean your hands?

How can we solve these problems? It is easy: giving to your kitchen the right organization!

Firstly, you could put in this room shelves and hooks, to easily reach ladles, pots and pans, having tidy spaces and producing a striking visual impression. DC Casa, an important brand that joins together quality, design and savings, proposes a series of shelves and hooks in different dimensions, colours and patterns.

Hooks are useful to hang dusters near the table or the cookers. Shelves can be placed in various corners of the house, according to your comfort.

On the shelves beside the stoves, you could put, for instance, DC Casa plastic and glass pots and jars, to store spices, salt, sugar and coffee.

The things your kitchen must have

Baskets too can turn out to be a great help to give the kitchen order and decoration. They can be realized in different materials, shapes, styles and they allow to be within reach, in a tidy way some foods like biscuits, or some objects of frequent use like dusters or the everyday tablecloth which are not supposed to be easily seen.

A careful use of these containers can make you save a lot of space, because they can occupy spaces not otherwise exploited: above the kitchen cabinets or the fridge.

There are, at last, the dispensers to store plastic bags or blotting paper. They can be stuck under the kitchen sink or in the insides of the kitchen cabinets.

With a controlled spending money, you can provide your kitchen with a new order, opting above all for a brand like DC Casa, specialized in selling products for the house with a good balance between quality and price.