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Realizing balloons sculptures is easy and amusing: that is how you do it!

Balloons cannot be missing from a good party! Balloons are decorative, funny and cheerful elements not only for children parties, but for every occasion!

Why just buying and blowing up classical balloons, when you can realize balloons sculptures? It is not difficult, you just need some manual dexterity and a lot of fantasy to realize something unique and original, that will make the party even more amusing!

What balloons to buy to create balloons sculptures

You have to know that not all the balloons are suitable for the realization of the sculptures. You have to choose the long balloons, also called sausage balloons, available in different dimensions. Usually, the most used for this purpose are the 260 balloons, whose number expresses the inches size when they are inflated.

They must be realized with resistant materials in order not to break when creases and torsions are produced. Nonetheless, they must be soft enough to be manipulated without resisting too much: elasticity is one of the essential characteristics of the right balloons to realize sculptures.

Mister Party balloons are perfect to indulge any necessity of shape, colour, dimension of those who look for high quality products at affordable prices for their parties!

We suggest you to buy, with the balloons, the Mister Party manual pump to blow up, especially if you think to use a high number of balloons.

If you decide to mouth inflate balloons, which is amusing for adults and children, you have to know that it is not an elixir for your health – especially if the balloons are a lot to inflate in a short time. The pump has a low cost and it also tears down time of inflating and effort.

How to prepare the balloons sculptures

After having bought balloons and pump from the brand Mister Party, specialized in quality party items, we can let our imagination run wild, create and have fun!

Any shape you choose for your sculpture – a flower, a dog, a cat, a heart – all you need is some manual dexterity. First, you need to make a knot: there are two different ways to close a balloon.

The first one is the traditional one, performed passing the head on the middle finger and then realizing the closure. It is the easiest and the most appropriate way for children. There is then the specific alternative to realize sculptures: the extremity opposed to the knot must deflate to realize the round closure of the balloon, which is inevitable to realize some structures.

There are some standard steps to obtain the classical shapes of the balloons sculptures. Here are some of them:

  • The traditional torsion allows to divide the balloon into two parts.
  • The ring torsion is realized by bending and twisting.
  • The ear torsion, useful to realize animal and corner shaped sculptures.
  • The apple torsion, realized pushing the knot inside and realizing a torsion at that height.

Now it is your turn: combine these simple gestures and realize a sword, a dog or a flower with the balloons. With a lot of patience, trying and trying again, you will surprise all your party guests!