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Party supplies sale: the items to sell for Halloween!

In the night between October 31st and November 1st people transform into skeletons, ghosts and vampires, and big carved and illuminated pumpkins appear everywhere: it is Halloween, the most terrifying night of the year!

Halloween: the origins

This popular Celtic event is now a tradition in Italy too, involving a growing number of young people and adults, and children above all, who go around the streets with their macabre and horrifying disguises to jokingly scare the passers-by, letting their imagination run wild.

The origin of this feast is linked to the northern European populations – which were not American, as it is erroneously believed – mainly based on agriculture to survive. In the night of October 31st, they celebrated Samhain, the end of the summer: on this occasion, they thanked sprites for the harvest of this season.

At that time, it was furthermore common belief that in the night of the end of summer, barriers between the world of the living and the one of the dead become so thin that the latters could come back to Earth.

Hence, the custom of leaving in front of the doors of the houses some sweets to praise the dead’s souls, or hanging up the lanterns realized with pumpkins, the famous jack-o-lanterns to show them the path.

The habit of trick-or-treat too derives from this belief: children, dressed up like spirits, knock on the doors guided by the pumpkin lanterns and obtain sweets in exchange for their “benevolence”.

Halloween items to sell

What are the most suitable items to sell to better identify with the Halloween atmosphere?

An essential requirement for any shopkeeper is the purchase of the right merchandise, exploiting the right and reliable wholesaler. Mister Party is the line of party items, created by the wholesaler DC Distribuzione that combines products’ quality and savings.

The most significant object that symbolizes the event is the pumpkin. From small buckets to lamps, from pans to pendants for necklaces, from luminous outdoor chains to orange t-shirts: there are a variety of pumpkin-shaped objects to sell.

Decorations for windows and ceilings, door rings, pins, silicon cake moulds, flatware like cups and glasses with the shape or the motif of the pumpkin will have a big success.