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Our advices for the organization of an archive

How many times do we meander around the room looking for a document that exists, we know it, but that we cannot find?

A situation that implies a remarkable waste of time and sometimes an economic damage if the unfound document is the proof of a receipt of payment.

The organization of a personal archive can help in the simplification of our lives. When we need to find a document, having beforehand provided it with a neat collocation can be successful.

It is necessary to arrange a simple and tidy archive, easy to consult.

The necessary material for an efficient paper archive

Organizing an archive in an efficient way, will make you need a series of stationery items useful to keep documents. Pryma is just what you need: this brand proposes a series of beautiful, fanciful, quality items at reasonable prices.

You could buy, for instance, folders, coloured sticky papers, pens, pencils and clips: they will be useful to differentiate documents, mark memos to remember things. Maybe you could need a shredder and some containers for paper dispersal.

Folders especially, that can be temporary or definitive, must be marked by labels, to immediately make their content clear and the research faster and easier.

Binders are important too, they can contain bills, taxes, receipts of payment, tagged by sticky labels, with documentation of the business relationships with services suppliers and possible notes.

Documents subdivision and maintenance

You can create macro categories to divide the material and order your documents: you can separate the bank receipts (bank transfers made and received, MAV forms, F24 forms, payment made and so on), the forms of checking accounts paid to the different suppliers (electric energy, water, telephone, gas supplies), fines, communications with monetary authorities, medical expenses and more.

Remember to put these documents in different coloured folders: Pryma has a wide range of stationery items, suitable for every taste!

You can group the documents in different binders labelled to distinguish their content.

In the end, a last advice to organize your archive! You can use three containers to divide everything, each one of them devoted to the conservation of the arriving, exiting or processing documents. The first will contain the arriving material, in the second one the material to send, in the third one the bills to pay the medical exams, the pharmaceutical prescriptions and so on.