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Our advice about the organization of the school pencil case

September, for all the teenagers, is the month to restart: holidays are over and it is time to go back to school, loaded and ready to face the year.

During the weeks before the beginning of the courses, students go to stationery shops to buy books, notebooks, block notes, pens, pencils and all the equipment to use in class and to study.

It is very important, for instance, the choice of the right pencil case, suitable for all needs and students of different schools. Some stationery items are fundamental for studying. Follow our advice for the best organization of your school pencil case!

Why and when choosing envelope pencil cases

Envelope pencil cases are the favourite ones for older students, because they are not bulky and they are extremely functional. You can find many typologies of them on sale: there are different models of them with a single pouch or up to three pouches.

Our advice is to find a stationery shop which sells Pryma items, a brand proposing resistant and colourful pencil cases excellent for every type of school. The choice of an envelope pencil case is a way to save some space in the bag, but also to keep always everything under control.

The organization of an envelope with a single zip is very simple, because all the tools must go in the only pouch: this space can contain some pens, a pencil and little more, which is the necessary for writing to youngsters in high school.

There are many different pencil cases with double or triple zip. These models could contain also drawing accessories like markers and crayons, depending on their dimensions, and they are ideal for students attending the Art Institute, for instance.

The little envelopes with more than a zip are instead realized to carefully divide writing accessories: on one side the pens, on the other the pencils and the eraser or the other little accessories used to mark the pages, like the highlighters and the page markers.

How to organize pencil case compartments

The pencil cases compartments are the classic school pencil cases principally used by kids of the primary school, rarely by the ones of the secondary school. Many of them are on the market, and the majority of them, considering the target, are decorated with cartoons, TV series, comic strips characters that children like very much.

Even for pencil cases compartments, Pryma offers a very ample choice: Pryma pencil cases are indeed perfect for their price/quality ratio and they are also appreciated by children. The models with a single compartment have normally the space for 12 pastels (or markers) and the fundamental tools to write, two pens and a pencil, for a kid.

There is always the space for the eraser and the pencil sharpener, while it is not so simple to find the space for the ruler. Every element has a slot with an elastic anchorage to keep everything steady. The same principle is respected also for the models with many compartments: those pencil cases could have more than three of them, with their zips. The thickness grows, but it allows also to keep every element in the interior.

In the most complete school pencil cases, a whole compartment is dedicated to the act of writing, with pastels and markers. There are the pencil cases with 12 or 24 available slots, even though there also the model for 24. Children will be enthusiast!