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Organize a perfect baby shower

Have you ever heard about a baby shower? It is a very common party in the Anglo-Saxon countries organized for the mum-to-be and for the birth of a baby.

This sweet tradition is taking root in Italy too. The baby shower is organized by people close to the future mums, like friends, sisters or cousins, whom task is proposing a welcoming and relaxing party, appreciated by the guests of honour, the mum and dad-to-be, and by their little and adult hosts.

Discover how do this “shower of gifts” takes place among balloons, sweets, candles and stuffed animals.

Baby shower: the theme choice

The most important thing in the organization of a baby shower is for sure the setting up, that is about a particular subject. So, let’s free your creativity, avoiding the classic colours pink and blue. You could liven up the room with pastel colours and enrich it with perfumed candles.

You could, for instance, quote the month when the baby will be born, decorating the space with shells and starfishes if the baby will arrive in summer, or snowflakes if the stork will deliver in winter.

Anyway, the most important thing is taking care of all the details to create a peaceful and balanced situation.

Please, do not forget coloured balloons, like the heart-shaped or the mouldable ones, to write the name of the baby, if announced by the parents.

You could also use the coloured festoons, to embellish the room but also to point out the guests where to find beverage, sweets and refreshments.

Among the various brands that produce party accessories, like various shapes of candles, balloons, festoons, cheerful flatware and much more, Mister Party is the one which offers the most ample range, ensuring aesthetics, quality and convenience.

All the things you need for the party

Baby shower means literally “shower of the baby” and evokes a real “rain of gifts” during a real party, with thematic decorations, list of guests, invitation cards, and of course the opening of the received gifts.

The delivering of the gifts is the core of the party: think about the importance of this moment, when parents will open some gift with clothes, games, different accessories like baby bottles, carillons, nappies, pacifiers.

Among the most popular gift ideas, there are the nappy cake (nappies are packed in order to realize a multi-layer cake), nice bouquets in which roses and accessories alternate (little socks, baby onesies and towels) and are professionally folded up to look like coloured flowers.

How to end in the best way your baby shower? With the baby shower cake cut: you can decorate it with plenty of Mister Party colourful candles, to surprise mums-to-be, dads-to-be and their hosts.