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Natural and chic: summer 2018 makeup

Summer 2018 makeup will be natural, avoiding mascara and using intense pink nuances. Are you ready to boast a natural and chic makeup? It is easy to make it and it allows you to intensify the brilliance of your face: just follow our simple advices!

Farewell mascara and fake eyelashes: here you can find the natural summer 2018 makeup!

If, until now, you used to think that a magnetic and sensual gaze was impossible to achieve without using a mascara, now it is time to change your mind!

During summer 2018, mascara and fake eyelashes will be strictly forbidden. How can you give value to your gaze, then? Using some little tricks stolen from the international catwalks!

You have to point on your eye contour, concealer and foundation with a natural effect on the skin. People have enough of heavy makeups that are by now obsolete.

Highlight your lips with an intense lipstick, enriched with vitamins, and take care of the line and makeup of your eyebrow. They must be perfectly defined, avoiding lines too tiny and not expressive. Well-finished eyebrows can enhance in a natural way your eyes without using a mascara.

Natural makeup: the accessories you need

Natural makeup is not a synonym of little care for details. It is necessary paying attention to makeup to achieve a natural look and using some important accessories for your personal care. What products can you choose? Melissa’s, a brand that allows you to use low cost products you like for your style!

To correctly and uniformly apply the right quantity of foundation and obtain the desired nude look effect, you can use the specific sponges. Melissa proposes round, oval and little sponges to define with accuracy mouth corners and eye contours.

To enhance your gaze, you can use Melissa’s eyelash curler, functional and easy to use. Otherwise, you can buy the little brushes to apply eye shadows and play with the shades of the fair and sober tones.

Finally, you cannot forget, for your natural makeup, to match Melissa nail varnishes, available in a variety of gentle and transparent shades! Melissa is an innovative brand that proposes high quality products, rigorously controlled, at interesting prices!