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Learning by playing: how to realize a poster

One of the funniest and most imaginative ways of letting children learn something about history, geography or mathematics is the realization of a poster.

Creativity and imagination can take shape through schemes, maps, coloured drawings that children can realize under the supervision of a teacher, a parent or a nanny.

What about learning while amusing yourself with other people? Let’s discover together how to do!

How to create a beautiful poster having fun

The first thing to do is schematising the lesson or the chapter in a clear and simple way. Then, you have to draw the grid on the poster, to divide the needed spaces properly.

We suggest you to consider some space in the layout for the title, under which children could draw funny items related to the topic. On the title’s sides, you could realize big rectangles, even realized with coloured cardboards to paste on the main poster. In those rectangles you can write brief descriptive recaps.

Let children decide the key words to underline or to write with coloured pencils. Rectangles’ rims can be coloured with different colours, or they could draw and colour some images related to the topic.

What about the colour for the poster? In this case too, you can let your little artists’ imagination run wild and they could choose a white poster, to draw and paint on, or a coloured poster. Whatever they choose, Pryma is a brand that proposes quality products for any need!

The ideal material to create the poster

To create a beautiful poster, easy to read and memorize, it is necessary to buy some stationery items that can help in the realization of your artwork!

Start from a big poster and some little cardboards (that you can use also for a collage) or coloured papers to decorate it. You will also need scissors (blunt tip scissors for pre-schoolers), glue, stick, ruler, pencil and rubber, useful to draw the initial grid and properly divide the spaces.

Do you want your kids to enjoy? Bring them some marker pens, pens and coloured pencils, in order to do a lot of drawings. What about buying some glitters and glitter powder, for a touch of glamour in the creation? Choose Pryma to have all the right material to give a shape to the fantasy of the little artists: you will be surprised by the available stock!