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Ideas for the setup of the inauguration of a new activity

Is it time to inaugurate a new public place? The opening party for the beginning of a new activity is the perfect occasion to gather some friends and welcome the curious passers-by who could turn into loyal customers.

Since it is said that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” the new public space must immediately seduce the people attending the opening party. So, how to organize a perfect party looked after in every single detail to strike the future buyers?

Setup’s care

The setup will allow you to draw people attention and to make the public space pleasant, where clients going away are looking forward to coming there back soon. The first thing to do is using balloons and festoons. They allow to be noticed from outside, encouraging the most curious people to approach.

You will choose the balloons according to the kind of shop and the style of the party: they could be monochrome or multi-coloured, or you could even opt for different colours and patterns in order to create cheerful compositions. Festoons will serve to decorate the space and could recall the colours of the balloons for a lively new location.

Coloured candles could be chosen, if the space allows you to use them in a safe way, for a special atmosphere in the evening.

Buffet preparation and use of gadgets

A good party must have a buffet. How could you best organize it? You must consider both the functional and aesthetical aspects to manage it in an impeccable way.

You could choose comfortable and handy trays to contain food and you could enhance the best courses lifting them up, in order to create also a sense of great abundance.

Among the footed plates, there are interesting proposals to hold cupcakes in a funny and original way. Centrepieces recalling the style of the party can be placed in the middle of the table to liven it up.

If the shop is for adults, you have to organize an abundant, rich, cheerful and elegant buffet, while if it points also to kids, a corner of the buffet could be reserved to them. In this area, you can place glasses with the most famous cartoon characters of the moment.

We suggest you to use the party items of the brand Mister Party, which proposes wholesale products in different dimensions, colours and patterns, in order to prepare the space and the buffet for the perfect opening party.