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How to organise a beautiful shop window for the coming feasts

A display window of any shop has the aim of drawing the attention of passers-by, focused on the products on sale it invites customers to enter the shop and buy something. Its preparation is vital, because it functions as an advertising campaign.

The Christmas time, almost the entire month of December and the first week of January, offers storekeepers a greedy opportunity to sell. This is the reason why they have to be creative and place the right articles in their shop windows.

Here are some ideas to be successful with your clients.

How to organise a beautiful window

The window of a shop has only a few seconds to draw the attention of potential clients: there are so some rules to respect for its organisation:

  • It must stimulate the curiosity of the passers-by, catalysing their glance on the merchandise;
  • Items must be well visible and identifiable, not submerged by too much decorations;
  • It must create an emotional path pushing people who pass occasionally to enter the shop;
  • Do not exaggerate with the display of price tags;
  • They must be “thematic, mirroring seasons, important events.

What to display during the feasts?

The first occasion of the period before Christmas is December 8th: it is the Italian public holiday of the Immaculate Conception, a traditional holiday dedicated to the purchase of the Christmas tree.

If you have a wholesale articles shop, an efficient selection of the objects to display, must contain:

  • Artificial tree to decorate, in many measures and typologies, at present also with other colours different from the classical green;
  • Coloured baubles, tree toppers, clip candles, little dolls, little ions of Santa Klaus, golden stars, silver snow crystals to decorate the tree;
  • Golden or silver ornamental ribbons;
  • Spray cans for artificial snow;
  • Greeting cards with Christmas images;
  • Advent calendars;
  • Gift papers and shoppers inspired to Christmas;
  • Tree lights.

Christmas day: a captivating window could present a set table with the following items:

  • Paper tablecloth with Christmas themes;
  • Dishes and glasses realized in paper and decorated;
  • Candle holders and coloured candles golden and silver;
  • Ambient decorations like wreaths and garlands.


Other feasts of the Christmas period


If you sell party items, here you have a series of objects to put in your windows:

  • Thematic items selected (card hats, coloured torches, objects for disguises);
  • plastic wine glasses;
  • thematic napkind di carta tematici;
  • coloured, flying lanterns;
  • toy trumpet scores;
  • coloured little masks;
  • spray to elio per gonfiarli;
  • golden and silver coriander;
  • temathic windows;

In the end, Epifania for the Epihani, your shop must have:

  • Icone’s of the Befana;
  • Big array of assortimento of conaining thights calze contenitrici;
  • sweets;
  • L’ha fatto che fotogtago a tema;
  • Mask and costume of Begana;
  • Mini broom;
  • Thematic logo for stoviglie

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