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How to keep a perfect nail varnish even on the beach!

Nail varnish is, again, one of the protagonists of summer 2018 women allure. Covering textures and bright colours can transform hands and feet in beauty instruments, even though salt can hide traps and it is not always easy to maintain nail varnish on the beach.

Are you scared about the sea to ruin your nails? This is the reason why we want to give some useful advices to keep a perfect nail varnish even on the beach.

Perfect nails on the beach: how to do?

Sea stresses hair, skin, nails, above all varnished nails. The explanation is very simple: sand and sun exposition tend to crack and drain the skin and the ungual bed, especially the area of the cuticles.

It is therefore better to use a good hydrating cream that can contribute to relieve and soften epidermis, avoiding sun and salt effects.

Nail varnish, more over, when exposed to sun beams, often turns into unaesthetic yellow. It is though important to choose a brand interested in the health of women nails, like Melissa, that proposes curative nail varnishes, gels, preparatory basis, buffing and reinforcing, sea water resistant.

Summer beauty routine for nails

Before exposing to the sun, it is really important to take care in advance of hands and feet, in order to ensure them the right protection, hydration and softness. An effective weapon is the scrub.

It must be repeated at least once a week some hours before going to the sea and it contributes to remove the problem of the dry skin and of the dead skin cells. You can exfoliate both natural and reconstructed nails: it is a good treatment to smooth them and prepare for the following treatments.

In the evening, the nail beauty routine can be completed with a coconut or shea butter compress, in order to feed and fortify the epidermis against sun and sand damages.

If you are on a sea holiday and you cannot give up to a home made manicure, you will need some beauty session more per week. As already said, hand and feet skin tend to easily drain in the summer, and the same is for the nail varnish.

Using a good treating basis and the indispensable final top coat, you will allow the nail varnish to last longer. If you are instead a fan of the reconstructed nails and you often go to your trusted beautician for the beauty of your hands and feet, do not forget to tell her that during the summer you will be often on the beach.

A nail care expert, indeed, knows very well how dangerous can be for your nail health sun and salt and will give you some special protective products.

In any case, to safeguard your nails, choose high quality nail varnishes, like Melissa nail varnishes, available in many shades, colours, classical, semi-permanent and permanent.