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How to furnish your office

The first step to organize an office is to think about the furniture, choosing the suitable equipment for the activities that take place in it; then it is indispensable the definition of all the array of products necessary to carry out the job.

Every storekeeper of this field should offer the buyers a looked after selection of products both in quantitative terms (a big variety of choice), and in qualitative terms (excellent performance of the merchandise), without ignoring the economical aspect, competitive with other stores.

It is though essential to turn to wholesalers able to fulfil these needs. Pryma is the DC Distribuzione wholesale line that is characterised by the vast range of available items, the convenience of its prices, the punctuality and accuracy of its deliveries.

How to furnish an office

Depending on the destination of the office, the choice of functional furniture is necessary. Simplicity must be the first requirement. The chairs and the armchairs, in particular, should be ergonomic, in order not to cause backache.

Desks, archives, cabinets and other pieces of equipment must have the requirements for their utilisation.

Office items

There are items always necessary in an office, regardless of its activity, and they must be punctually refilled:

  • Paper for prints and photocopies, in different dimensions (A3, A4, A5) and compositions (recycled, for stamp duties, foolscaps);
  • Stationery papers and envelops;
  • Business cards;
  • Carbon paper;
  • A3 and A4 formats coloured cardboards;
  • Photographic paper for printers;
  • Plotter paper, different dimensions;

In your office there must also be:

  • Spiral notebooks;
  • Glued notepads;
  • Meeting books;
  • Notebooks;
  • Registers;
  • Address books;
  • Agendas;

The necessary tools for an office

Whether you have a consulting company, or an agency, or a studio, there are some indispensable accessories useful to carry out a professional activity.

For instance, many offices must have a printer, so there must also be a supply of ink-cartridges for inkjet printers, toners for laser printers, ribbon cartridges for impact printers.

Lastly, on the desk there must be staplers, table staplers, staplers for high thickness; electric staplers; points for staplers; staple removers; cutters; scissors; paper cutter and also:

  • Punching machines for 2/4 holes;
  • Paper clips and paperweights;
  • Cartographic pins;
  • Pins and clips;
  • Liquid and stick glues;
  • Roller and spray glues;
  • Adhesive and transparent ribbons;
  • Stamps;
  • Stamps pads;
  • Inks and ink-cartridges for stamps;
  • Stamp holder;
  • Rubber bands;
  • Pen holders;
  • Desk sets;

Choose Pryma, a brand that provides high quality products and you will have all the necessary equipment for the office.