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How to decorate your house in spring

When the spring comes, a real explosion of colours and perfumes is performed: many plants and trees bloom, green takes over the countryside and the terraces and the days are characterized by light and sun.

A charming atmosphere that stimulates a lot of changes, starting from your own look (hair cut and hair colour, clothing and more…). So, what about let this wind of change blow also on your own domestic environment?

Let’s discover, following some simple advices, how to decorate your home in spring in a simple and functional way and what are the right furnishings to bring this fresh and fragrant atmosphere in your house!

Flowers, candles and sofa covers

In spring, you can decorate your house conveniently using flowers. This is the season par excellence of coloured flowers, so what about exploiting them to give every space of the living area a diffused sensation of fresh and wellness?

You can create or buy a floral composition with perfumed candles, organized in small tin vases that can be used as a centrepiece or in some corners of your kitchen, underlining shapes and spaces.

We suggest you to choose pastel colours candles, without exceeding in quantity. You can alternate a couple of different colours and opt for classical fragrances that recall spring meadows to give a classy touch to your house.

In the kitchen, you can give a touch of green by placing little pots of aromatic herbs like rosemary, oregano, mint and parsley: they are useful, they have a good smell and are beautiful to see!

You should not forget to use springtime stickers and stencils, to liven up the corridors, the relaxation corners, or the dining rooms: DC Casa proposes floral items in different colours and patterns so that you will free your fantasy to personalize your house with them!

When spring arrives, you can change sofas and armchairs’ colours with cool and colourful patterned covers that can perfectly match with any interior design, or you can use coloured chests of drawers in the bedrooms, put little wall mirrors in various shapes – rectangle, square, star or heart shaped.

Which brand would you choose to have quality, fancy and convenience to decorate your house in springtime? DC Casa, of course!

Painting some walls with an eye for details

If you want to renew your house’s interior design, following a spring decoration, you could decide to have a seasonable paint for your walls, on which you can put some spring stickers.

You should use colours and patterns that remind springtime without creating a contrast with the rest of the interior design: you could opt for a soft green or create colour contrasts between lilac and beige or pink and blue.

Otherwise, you can work on details, giving an unquestionable charming touch: but how? You can place in different corners stained glass bottles, a tin small basket to fill with excellent fruit in season, bowls where to put flower petals and decorative objects by DC Casa.

Even in the bathroom big results can be achieved using simple and functional items that are receiving a great success, like the perfumed candles in different colours, the lavender or the towels in bright colours, to match with bars of soap.

For those romantic people who can enjoy a hydro-massage bath in their houses, the classical atmosphere of a SPA can be recreated with fragrances that recall the Far East typical essences. Let your fantasy free and get inspired by spring: thanks to DC Casa you can furnish and re-furnish your house with a variety of quality and stylish objects!