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Fall/Winter 2018 nail art

Fall/Winter 2018 trends in fashion will also strongly affect the nail art proposals: rebel and elegant style at the same time.

Manicure trends to boast during the most freezing months of the current year will be indeed characterised by unexpected colours and great revivals, 3D stickers and precious details, for an effect that surely seduces.

From nude manicure to glittered nails to fulfil all women

Fall/Winter 2018 trends in nail art will vary. Proposals for the cold season will indeed move from the simple and natural style to the more exaggerated and extravagant one, in order to please any women’s taste.

In particular, nude manicure will not be obsolete: it will be realized with pastel shades roses, greys, whites, on very short nails. In the meantime, there will be the growing tendency to opt for glittered and glossy nail art, with different nuances and colours for every nail.

Decorations will extend: eccentric or bon-ton, manicures for the next cold season will be richer in details and will not be unnoticed. Three dimensional appliques, geometric drawings with metal finishing touches in contrast, letters written on every nail to form a message are only a few examples of the nail look of our hands in the months to come.

Black and Bordeaux: the great revival of two timeless classics

Elegant and rock at the same time, the black nail polish is pure charm. The fall/winter 2018 season will be characterised by the great comeback of this shade, even though rigorously declined as a jewel. Black will so have to have a super glossy finishing touch and be enriched by small three-dimensional jewel appliques, like crystals or little pearls.

Another timeless classic that will be a leader in the next cold season will be for sure Bordeaux in all its shades, from burgundy to brick. This warm and enveloping tonality will substitute the red that has coloured our summer, and will be also perfect on short and slightly squared nails to better intensify hands’ clear complexion.

For those who want to give a most modern touch to the nails, the half moon manicure is a variation of the more classic French, characterised by the realization of an upside-down little moon placed near the cuticles.