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Do you have a household products shop? Here is how to organize the right array for Christmas!

In two months it will be Christmas, the most celebrated feast in every part of the Christian world, which throws us into a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere, making every moment special, also the weeks preceding December 25th.

If you have a household products store, you will have the possibility to increase your sales, offering your customers rich, colourful and quality products.

Christmas decorations: some advice

For a unique and personal Christmas atmosphere, you have to take care of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The typical Christmas tree, symbol par excellence of this feast, can be natural or artificial but always decorated with different ornaments.

Another important aspect is the preparation of the Christmas table, using peculiar tableware, in porcelain or ceramics, cardboard or plastic.

The spaces to decorate could be different: it is often the case of dining rooms, sitting rooms, living rooms in which a Christmas atmosphere is created.

The outdoor decorations, lastly, can be put in gardens, courtyards, terraces, balconies, or just on the windowsills.

Christmas items array

The period before Christmas offers storekeepers the opportunity of selling a vast range of thematic items, that must be original, captivating, have a good quality and affordable prices in order to pledge good profit.

For those reasons, the restock must be done with wholesalers with a vast array of products at affordable prices.

DC Casa brand is the wholesale leader combining merchandise quality and affordable prices.

Choosing DC Casa, you will have an ample selection of Christmas objects and beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree, like:

  • Coloured baubles
  • Tree toppers
  • Clip candles
  • Silver and golden ribbons for the tree
  • Angels, snowmen, little stars to hang
  • Little boxes with gifts
  • Rooms decorations
  • Wreaths with dry flowers, butcher’s-broom, pine cones, fir branches, but also synthetic wreaths
  • Perfumed candles, preferably red or golden or silver
  • Stars, in different materials, to hang
  • Golden or silver ashtrays
  • Outdoor decorations

Take advantage of Christmas feasts to increase your sales and fulfil your clients with beautiful, creative and sparkling items!