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Discover if you are the right person to open a Nail Centre

A nail centre is a dynamic and contemporary shop, able to create trends, answering to the inclinations of the moment, or even to create new ones.

If you desire to manage a centre for nails reconstruction and treatments, you must be ready to beat your competitors, through three necessary elements: relation ability, professionalism and affordable prices.

Are you the right person to open a nail centre? Discover it with our advice!

The characteristics of a Nail Centre

To open a nail centre, it is necessary to get a license, obtaining an Aesthetician three-year diploma. Then, after your registration for VAT and to the Artisan Roster of Chamber of Commerce, you can direct towards the production of the necessary paperwork to open a centre.

The location of the nail centre must be welcoming and clean. These two qualities, above all, create a positive visual impact and immediately generate a feeling of trust in customers.

The adornment of the shop with accessories or furnishings cheer the wait up and contribute to create a familiar ambiance: it will be surely appreciated! You could buy, for instance, little plants or flowers to give a touch of colour, a little coffee machine and soft cushions.

The positions must be clean and equipped with quality products. Melissa nail varnishes cannot be missing: this brand proposes a wide variety of coloured nail varnishes, but also semi-permanent and permanent gels for nails treatment and reconstruction, assuring a selection able to fulfil all the clients’ needs, from the most trendy to the most classical.

Another aspect that establishes the success of a nail centre is the service: using quality products and providing a courteous, polite and professional service are must-dos you have to consider before opening a shop like this. Your temper counts a lot, because this activity leads you to have a direct contact with your clients while performing a patient and creative job.

If you have a lot of inspiration, you are kind and precise and at ease with people, you have the right qualities to work in a nail centre!

Some advice to open a nail centre

You can choose two different paths to open a nail centre: the independent one and the franchise. The franchise needs the presence of a team able to help you step by step in the different phases of the opening, while the independent activity gives you more autonomy in making decisions.

Under an economic point of view, a franchise activity requires an initial amount to invest, but you have to consider a rate to pay to the franchiser, who, in exchange for it, ensures you a constant assistance. On the contrary, your “own” shop allows you to have a better wage, but only if you work correctly and you have good marketing abilities, which is your exclusive duty.

Another aspect you have to consider is your inclination towards the business activity. It is not enough to open a shop, but you must also manage it with attention, the same attention you put in your job. Choose the suppliers able to propose a good service and aim for a varied and granted range of products, like for instance the products Melissa, which combine quality and saving, essential characteristics for a recently opened nail centre.

Providing an excellent service, using reliable products at affordable prices, represents an excellent method to have success with your nail centre, but your personality must mirror all the characteristics of the activity.