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Cake Designer’s useful tools

Who did note ever receive a spectacularly decorated cake, to be left jaw-dropped? To realize those artworks there is a cake decoration technique called Cake Design, born in France and then spread all around the world.

Even though the creation of these sugar paste cakes could seem complicated, with the help of the right tools and a lot of fantasy, you can manage to realize true artworks to…taste!

Cake Designer’s tools

One of the main tasks of the cake designer is the production of the sugar paste that requires the use of two main tools: the silicon carpet and rolling pin.

These two kitchen tools are useful to stretch the sugar paste out in a way that it does not stick to the countertop or to the rolling pint itself. Silicon carpets and rolling pins are available in many different dimensions: for small cakes, it is suggested to use the 20 cm rolling pin, while for bigger cakes, the 60 cm rolling pin is more suitable.

After having been stretched out, usually the sugar paste must be put on the cake and perfectly smoothed, in order to completely remove the possible air bubbles; for this operation the tool used is the Smoother, a plastic spatula that makes the surface flat and polished.

To create true confectionery artworks, your kitchen must be equipped with the syringes to decorate the cakes, the pastry bag with interchangeable spouts, cake tins, flower moulds, tools to definite details, pasta cutter wheel, scissors and many other useful objects to decorate.

Buy the right tools

For excellent results in the art of Cake Design, it is important to use quality products. When a client enters a shop to buy this kind of objects, the array must be well stocked up.

If you have a household products shop and you decide to add a Cake Design department and cakes decoration, be sure you have all the necessary equipment, because if the client does not find what he/she needs, you will loose a customer and you will have bad advertising!

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