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Bathroom accessories: what cannot be missing

Since the legendary Hygeia, an ancient Greek goddess of hygiene and good health, the bath represents the core of the activities led to take care of the body.

Whether your house has a luxury style or not there is a series of bathroom accessories that cannot be missing! Let’s discover them together.

The list of accessories for an ideal and organized bathroom

The bathroom is an important room in our house: sometimes we stay there for a few and frenzied seconds, focused on get ready to go out and face intense days, sometimes we take a break there to take care of our body and enjoy some relaxing moments.

To fulfil all our needs, this place must be equipped with functional accessories, like the handy DC Casa hooks, available in ceramics or plastic materials. DC Casa hooks have different shapes and can be placed on the walls using nails or suckers: we suggest you to put them next to the shower cabin or to the bath tub, to hang sponges. DC Casa sponges are ideal to gently wash your body: they allow to have a deep and accurate cleaning, massaging the skin in a delicate way.

Beside the bath tub are strongly recommended also plastic shelves or angular or squared makeup organizers, useful to have at hand all the cosmetics for the body.

For a well organized bathroom, buy DC Casa items.

For a better organization of the bathroom spaces, it is possible to buy some DC Casa bathroom items that allow you to have at hand the most useful equipment.

You can choose, for instance, to place on the washbasin the funny soap holders, with squared, oval or rectangular shapes, or the DC Casa plastic liquid soap holder or the toothbrush holder, very useful to keep in order toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Linen storage baskets are particularly important: they can be put in a corner of the bathroom and they can be small and realized in plastic material or bigger and realized in cloth material.

Do you want to buy colourful and quality bathroom items? Choose DC Casa that offers you the possibility of personalizing your bathroom with any kind of accessories, at convenient prices!