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Are you leaving for a holiday? Here a list of things that your wash bag must contain

Some days at your parents’ house, a trip with your friends, a romantic journey with your partner: for any reason you are leaving, you always have to consider all the things you have to bring with you for your holiday.

Or rather with suitcases and stuff to put inside them. Even though this problem seems to be solved, there is another one, even “bulkier”: what to put in the wash bag? Well, here you can find a brief handbook about the things that your wash bag cannot lack!

Impeccable also on holiday? Prepare your wash bag this way

It seems commonplace, but a little functional toiletries bag can seriously influence the quality of a vacation, not only in terms of convenience but also under a psychological point of view. First of all, the wash bag – if not well made – can add weight to your suitcase!

So, let’s start from the face skin care: try to focus on your daily beauty routine, from the awakening until you go to bed, following the exact chronological order of your actions. You can put in the wash bag: cleanser, day and night creams, whey or eye cream.

Using little boxes is a good idea, in order not to waste space and to respect the rules for your cabin bag. The most functional packages are the single-dose bags with a cap to close them after use. Melissa, a brand that combines quality and savings, offers beautiful toiletries and cosmetic bags, in many different sizes and colours.

Let’s start now with the make-up chapter: begin with lipsticks and make a choice (“This one is unfashionable”, “I love this one”, “This one is too much dried”) or start selecting your eye shadows and leave at home the ones you do not use from at least a couple of months. The same rule is valid for other make-up cosmetics: if they are too old-fashioned (dated cosmetics are of course not good for your skin!) or you are not using them from ages, it is not necessary to put them in your travel wash bag.

Now it is the moment to analyse the make-up supply, to decide what to put inside the wash bag:

  • Cream concealer, with a milling and glowing texture, to quickly correct your make-up in a natural way;
  • Blotting powder, a powerful ally that makes the skin of your face bright and fresh;
  • Stick foundation to use also for the contouring or to adjust the eye contour;
  • Multipurpose makeup stick, whom creamy texture is useful to revive in a moment the makeup of lips, cheeks and eyes;
  • Mascara, to change at once your gaze making you even more feminine.

A very small wash bag: who would have thought it?

If you have a little space, not too much time and your train is about to leave: what to do? You cannot obviously leave your wash bag in the bathroom and run away without your “essentials”! If you are a pragmatic and unpretentious woman with no space nor time to bring all your cosmetics with you, remember the 3 products you should carry: mascara, concealer and lipstick (which will serve also as a blush).

In order to complete your wash bag, you have to put inside it the mini versions of the following products: lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush. You will have all the necessary, leaving as light as a feather and without too many preparations!

Remember to buy Melissa wash bags: you can choose the transparent ones (indispensable for plane travels), the big ones to store everything and the compact ones! Buy the most suitable for you, for your dream travel!