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5 accessories your stationery shop’s stock cannot lack!!!

In every self-respecting stationery shop a series of absolutely necessary school accessories must be present. These products are indispensable for students of all ages and a good dealer should not lack them.

Do you know the selection of five accessories that every student need and that cannot be missing from your catalogue? Let’s discover them together!

What do students use: the everlasting calculator and the coloured labels

The calculator has always been one of the most popular items for students of all ages. This is the reason why from your stationery shop the various typologies of calculators, big and coloured calculators for kids of the primary school for example, cannot be missing.

You could surprise your little clients with calculators with stickers, or with lightning keys that produce a little sound!

For youths of the secondary school and high school, you could opt for calculators with different computation functionalities, able to perform mathematics and statistics operations, like the roots of a number of a degree superior to the second, logarithms, inverse functions, mean square deviation and much more.

Among the wholesale stationery items, you cannot forget the sticky papers or the coloured labels, the real “allies” of students from 15 years old! The sticky papers are useful to note down the most important concepts, while the coloured labels are small coloured bookmarks. Is there someone who did not see a student’s exercise book full of colours?

If you want to offer your clients quality products in different patterns and at affordable price, choose Pryma, the exclusive brand of DC Distribution: you will hold the trump card!!


The accessories to keep your desk and shelves tidy

When you update your catalogue with new wholesale stationery products for you stationer, you cannot forget bookends and penholders, very important to organize and keep desk and shelves tidy.

You can choose Pryma penholders and bookends, available in different shapes and colours, to please who loves a more classic style and who, on the contrary, loves colourful and fanciful accessories.

There is another stationery item you cannot absolutely do without, because students use it a lot: the ring binder!! Pryma ring binders have stiff and flexible covers and can contain A4, A6 or other paper sizes.

Enjoy yourself by choosing fancy colours or classic colours for your ring binders, with small or big rings: your clients will appreciate the ample range of Pryma products!

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