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3 cakes to bring to the beach, easy to make

Summer: time to go to the sea, sunbathe, relax, spend carefree and light days. During this season it often happens to organize picnics on the beach or in the pine grove and take pleasure form intense days at the beach.

When you spend many hours at the beach, it is a good idea the preparation of a fresh and light lunch, without giving up to taste and fanciful food. Would you like to surprise your friends with sweets to eat during the break between a swim and the following one? Here are 3 typologies of sweets, easy to make!

Single portion beach sweets: muffins or coconut sweets

Fragrant and light, muffins stay fragrant and soft even the day after. How to prepare them? In a plastic cup, sift the flour with a strainer and the sweets starch, add sugar and the grated lemon rind.

Slowly add, mixing with a whisk, melted butter, milk and eggs. When your dough is well amalgamated, you have to pour it in colourful cardboard moulds to place on a muffin baking tray. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. When they will be baked, keep the baking tray away from the oven and let cool. Place them in a box for cakes and they will be ready for the next day!

Coconut sweets recipe

Coconut sweets are another gastronomical specialty you can easily bring to the beach, because they are small, they do not crumble nor stain with oil. Their preparation is even easier and faster than muffin’s. Pour in an ample bowl grated coconut (fresh coconut pulp, dried at a low temperature to be then reduced into slivers), icing sugar and eggs albumens, previously whipped. Mix vigorously with a whisk, until your dough is well amalgamated, ready to be placed into a pastry bag with a star shaped spout beak 14 mm o 16 mm large.

Cover a low rimmed baking-pan with baking paper and realize funny tufts with pastry bag. Bake and wait 15 minutes to have fragrant sweets. Let cool, then place them in a suitable biscuit box. They could be the good way to socialize with your neighbours on the beach!

A classic cake for all seasons: the yogurt pot cake

The yogurt pot cake is a traditional, simple, genuine cake, with a delicate taste: its lightness makes it ideal for summer.

It can be prepared the day before and sliced, wrapped in tinfoil or stored in a covered container, that will preserve the slices. After having worked the yogurt in a pan with a whisk, melted butter, sugar, eggs, grate on the compound lemon rind and then add slowly white flour and baking, previously sifted with a strainer.

Stir gently the mixture from the bottom to the top using a spatula. When the mixture will be uniform and thick, pour it into a ring-shaped cake pan, already greased and dusted with flour. After thirty minutes, your cake will be baked and your house will smell of a delicate fragrance, difficult to resist!

The right kitchen accessories to prepare your beach desserts

Muffins, coconut sweets, yogurt pot cake require a preparation time of twenty minutes maximum, but the secret to obtain in a simple and quickly way delicious sweets is using the most suitable kitchen tools.

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Among DC Casa products you could choose kitchen tools in various shapes, dimensions, colours and materials: pans, pots, spatulas, brushes for cake decorating, many whisks to blend ingredients, moulds and little moulds, baking trays, and more.

Prepare the sweets to bring to the beach in a comfortable, quick, simple way thanks to the vast choice of kitchen items by DC Casa!