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Mission and Values


Our mission

DC Distribution Group operates as an integrated wholesaler in three sectors: household products, stationery, body care items – with reference to nail polish, professional treatments for nails and hair accessories. The Mission of the enterprise is giving the Italian consumers and dealers the best answer to their needs.

The best answer for DC Distribution is not necessarily the cheapest solution!

It means instead offer wholesale quality products, fashion, design, always certified and following Italian and EU rules, at the most interesting price to stand out the B2B market. Succeeding in the B2B market is the only key to achieve the B2C market.

Our Values

 Team Work and Diversity

The success of Dc Distribution is the result of the work of an Italian and Chinese team that collects the contribution of other different ethnic groups that brig out their best. Diversity, as we know, brings innovation and creativity.

 Pride and Membership

Working in DC Distribution means being part of a perfect gear. A gear that adjusts itself to answer our clients’ needs, proposing new challenges.

 Design an high quality products

Never deviate from quality. This is the rule imposed by Francesco Feng, the founder of DC Distribution. Thanks to this rule, DC Distribution’s array is appreciated in the Italian market making this firm a leader.

Quality, depending on the product category, performs in functionality, convenience, ergonomics, aesthetics, durability, design and fashion

 Energy and Enthusiasm

Innate values for the recent foundation of the firm and the young average age of its team. We never get tired, we put our heart, soul and brain…we want to know everything about our consumers and to design and sell the best for them.

 Speed and Service

Our clients must always feel cuddled. DC Distribution logistics constantly improves to ensure efficiency and speed.

Since 2018, a new storehouse supports the previous one and is able to stock a bigger number of trade references, to optimize shippings and minimize the out of stock and to ensure a continuous supply. We are containing the waits to answer from our network of agents and headquarters to our clients’ needs. 

Mission DC Distribuzione

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Phone: 0774.377006 – Fax: 0774.580016

Via Appia Nuova, 669 – 00179 Roma

Warehouse and Offices:
Via Cesurni, 2 – 00011 Tivoli Terme (Roma)