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Melissa® is DC Distribution Group Beauty brand: nails’ sector is the most important, but a relevant part is occupied by hair accessories and body care products.

Nail Polishes and Hair Accessories – Melissa®

Fashion leads us

Fashion trends are our bearings to design and select our products.

In the Nails and Hair sectors, the emerging colours, the shapes and the styles of haute couture and ready-to-wear constantly inspire us and stimulate our creativity. Fashion is our Muse and Quality is our Mantra.


Nails’ World belong to us

Melissa was born in the Nails’ world. Our range is unique for extension and profundity.

From classic nail polish to semi-permanent, from curative nail polish to gels, from nail preparatory liquids to nail polish and reinforcement, we propose thousands of solutions, not chromatic only. Aesthetics and our clients nails’ health are close to our heart.


Worldwide research in the nails’ sector

Our researchers are always engaged to discover the most winsome products both for colours and textures. The selection is extended to a great variety of Countries: Melissa semi-permanents are made in USA, our gels come from Germany, builder gels are made in USA and Germany, curative line comes form France and other EU countries, while the most innovative line of nail polish LONG LASTING is made in Luxembourg.


Certified Quality

Before the product launch on the market, Melissa cosmetics are approved and registered by our Security Evaluator at CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal), the Portal established and managed by the European Commission to actualize the regulation (CE) n.1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council on cosmetic products.

All references are equipped with PIF document (Product Information File) that – according to the European regulation cited before – lists the technical and toxicological information related to the final cosmetic product and its ingredients.

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