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Display and Merchandising

An effective exhibition of the products in a shop is not a casual process, it is instead the result of a series of techniques called Visual Merchandising.

We, at DC Distribution, know it very well. This is the reason why, we operate using the integrated wholesale to offer our client dealers our advice to optimize the display in their shops, product coherence and complementarity.

A careful and detailed Visual Merchandising embellishes the shop, giving value to the goods showed. Moreover, several studies witness a direct and measurable correlation between a careful display and the shop’s sale performance, related to the expressed commercial surface.

What is the use of Visual Merchandising?

An effective Visual Merchandising raises the displayed products’ appeal, reduces the out of stocks and encourages the purchase of correlated products in the use’s occasion and complementary in the needs of the consumer (e.g. a nail polish and an acetone nail varnish remover, or kitchen spoons and ladles and its hooks).


Visual Merchandising improves customer experience

The effects of a good utilization of the Visual Merchandising techniques are the increasing of the instinctive purchase and a better customer experience, generally considered more pleasant. Consequently, the average sales receipt lifts and clients are customized.


Visual Merchandising is useful also inside the shop

From the point of view of the arrays management, Visual Merchandising simplifies the stocking of the shelves, and, if a managing software is not available in the shop, it makes easier the reorganization and the orders’ management.

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