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DC Distribution is the solution for the wholesale household products. From the table to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the domestic laundry: a vast and ample range of products to answer with the highest quality to every need in the domestic landscape.

DC Distribution has created the brand DC CASA® to identify the world of the wholesale household products and gifts.

Wholesale Household Goods – DC Casa®

Italian Design

DC CASA® items are created to fulfil Italian style for Italian consumers. Beauty can be everywhere: even in a funnel or in a corkscrew!

At DC Distribution, we know it and, in our DC CASA® products, we combined functionality and ergonomics to aesthetics and design.

Irreproachable quality

All DC CASA® items were studied by DC Distribution designers and realized in Italy, European Union and China, in collaboration with exclusive partners and suppliers, in perfect accordance with the Italian and EU regulations of the branch.

The quality of DC CASA® wholesale household products is the result of a daily and utter engagement to pledge to the users of our products the best convenience in the utmost safety.

Very extended array

DC CASA® is the ideal partner to embellish, decorate, furnish, prepare, cook, wash, rinse, cut, crumble, peel, grate, freeze, package and then stretch, replace, hang, sew, fold, organize, collect, clean, store, sweep, separate, sell out…always ready to help with its ergonomics and design products, selected and certified under the Italian and EU regulations.

Products design and selection

Our Marketing function analyses the category consumers’ trend continuously, for different kinds of need. Form here, the selection of the household items to realize.

In collaboration with our trusty suppliers, we design every article, or we select them, respecting quality, safety, ergonomics and design criteria.

Not only Household products, but also Gifts

A part of the Household items DC Casa® is considered by our end clients a splendid gift idea. We were told this interest by our selling network.

We feel proud twice when our clients choose our household items to make a “present”, because a gift “represents” the giver interpreting the desires of the receiver.

Enter our online catalogue and discover more than 9.000 products selected for you!

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