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Certifications and Code Ethics

Never deviate from quality

This is the rule imposed by Francesco Feng, the founder of DC Distribution. Due to this rule, DC Distribution’s array is successful in the Italian market, making it a leader enterprise.

DC Group’s array has a double origin. The enterprise’s team designs a part of the array: in this case, it is definitely created in compliance with the Italian and European regulations.

The other part is selected from important Italian, European and extra-European industries, points of reference in the pertinence product areas. DC Group has established with these enterprises a privileged commercial partnership and they produce exclusively for the enterprise, respecting qualitative standards and a code of ethics defined inside the firm.

How does the selection of the products we do not design takes place?


The selection takes place according to a funnel-shaped criterion divided in various steps. First of all, every product is considered for its ability to respond in terms of functionality, design and fashion to the needs of the Italian market


Every interesting trade reference is successively evaluated on a technical data sheet. In case of safety appropriateness, it is sampling analysed, tested and controlled in accredited in chemical-products laboratories, in order to recognise its conformity to the Italian and European regulations.


Every product receives, at the end of this phase, a REPORT TEST, a document containing all the chemical merchandise information.


When an item has its REPORT TEST it means that it has passed a series of proofs that certify it respects the requisites imposed by the law (European Community conformity certifications, RHOS, Material Safety Data Sheet, EMC et c.).

Prodotti Melissa

Focus on the quality of Melissa products

A special attention is devoted to our beauty products Melissa®. Before their introduction to the market, they are indeed approved and registered by our Security Evaluator at CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal), the Portal created and managed by the European Commission to put into practice the 1223/2009 regulation (CE) of the European Parliament and of the Council on beauty products.

Every trade reference has also the PIF (Products Information File) document – in compliance with the previous European regulation – where the technical and toxicological information of the finished beauty product and its ingredients are listed.

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